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Great predictions and analysis as usual. However, one thing I am missing in this is privacy (of course, privacy comes up in regulations, governance, and surveillance).

My predictions. The alphabet soup of privacy and data regulation will get more complicated. At the same, consumer awareness will rise so will rise demands for privacy features. This will be slow but investors are also noticing.

A few links. This is a good report (from Sept 2021): https://iapp.org/resources/article/privacy-tech-vendor-report/ about paradigm shift in privacy tech. This is a broad area that deals with privacy enhancing and preserving technologies along with cybersecurity. The role of Chief Privacy Officer is gaining some traction.

Privacy Platform will be a thing. I am keeping my eyes on https://neeva.com/ (ad-free, private search engine) and https://www.skiff.org/ (private, decentralized workspace), https://plausible.io/ (privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative).

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