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Casey, you might have other Yinzer readers - the Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania has an H, gained at the time when Allegheny City was annexed - legend has it that the controversial H migrated across the river, but not the Mason-Dixon where Maryland's Allegany is still H-less. I understand that poor Californian Pittsburg is also sadly without an H, so I get it - it's an easy typo to make. We're a sensitive bunch about our H!

It is all the more important because the Knights of Labor faced down the Pinkertons on the Homestead Bridge in a bloody fight that is broadly considered the start of the labor union movement in the United States. Knights of Labor lost that battle but persevered. It is emblematic of organizing and collective action - a slog. Thomas Bell has a good fiction of that period of Pittsburgh history "Out of This Furnace." It was three generations to build what was the height of organized labor then. It's going to be a slow burn again, I'd wager.

Like I said, a sensitive bunch... but also proud.

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A follow-up on Solarwinds would be interesting...to get an updated sense of size and scope.

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