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Sep 21, 2022·edited Sep 21, 2022

Maybe “the platforms don’t deserve any voice at all” and should be “losing the right to moderate content at all.” Are they really just private companies with their own speech rights at stake, or are they our personal information tools arrogating control over what we see of the world and who we hear from?

An alternative model with a similar spirit to platform democracy (and largely compatible with it) is to give the users even more voice, and let them form communities and delegate the ranking of our feeds and recommendations to services that they trust to reflect their needs and values, while enjoying a shared platform infrastructure?

A range of recent proposals would shift control in that direction, while possibly retaining the central utility role and network effects of the platforms. This could rebuild the rich ecosystem of mediating services we used to benefit from onto a new infrastructure. The central idea is for users to have the right to delegate control of how these tools work for them. There is a foundation for this in US law, as outlined in a series in Tech Policy Press:


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