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I miss the stock images, much preferred over AI generated.

A bunch of artist friends have had their work scraped and used without permission or compensation for such databases, so I share the (otherwise Excellent!) articles less, and not at all if the image is visible when sharing.

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I left in December after the shitstorm about the suspending of journalists around the @ElonJet kerfuffle.

One thing that I have noticed is that I kept one of my twitter accounts, @prodbistro, alive so that when I posted to my Substack (https://www.prodbistro.com) it would also drop a tweet.

Since the blue check pay-to-play farce, I have noticed that I get exactly 0 hits over the last 60 days from the t.co source, so nobody is navigating to my Substack from Twitter anymore. I used to get 10 - 20 visits from Twitter per post, now it is 0.

Yeah, this is going great!

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I am not so sure that the outage has as a contributing factor that a single SRE is making the change. Understanding the depth of change in a microservices system is difficult for teams or organizations (obligatory link to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8OnoxKotPQ). I am pretty sure the new Twitter does not have a postmortem or incident culture anymore, but I wish they did, as I would love to read a sanitized postmortem of the latest outage.

My guess is that the alerting is all pointing to notification channels that don't exist and the dashboards are on playbooks that current engineers do not know about.

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