May 12, 2022Liked by Casey Newton

Casey, as a very balanced tech reporter you seem to be surprisingly jumping on the OSB-bashing train here without substance to the argument. “To ask that body for its advice — advice that would not even be binding on the company — and then decide belatedly that such advice might be dangerous calls into question the point of the entire enterprise. If the Oversight Board’s only role is to handle the easy questions, why bother with it at all?”

I feel like that is a pretty big leap to a conclusion - it sounds a bit all or nothing. It cannot be said that OSBs role is only to handle easy questions. They seem to be handling the most complicated questions. Withdrawing a request based on perhaps new information or further analysis should be celebrated not crucified.

You note that Meta has again failed to balance risk and public perception but it looks to me like based on the information they had, they managed risk to mitigate safety concerns, putting public perception concerns aside. Isn’t that what we want them to do?

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