From this quote "A decentralized social network with top-notch design and user experience" a claim as a software engineer.

Code creation tools (such as GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT's ability to write code) will elevate the role of user experience researchers, user experience designers, and product managers. As a result, software engineers who "just code" will be increasingly left behind by software engineers who learn those skills.

(This is also my bias, it drives me nuts the number of engineers who don't have basic user empathy when they code.)

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Soooo.... Facebook is building another Facebook

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Well, one thing for sure, is that there is no way I will join a Meta offered Twitter replacement.

I have a hosts file, and to block twitter, it is 2 lines, one to block the twitter.com domain in IPv4, and one in IPv6.

The block of all facebook tracking runs to nearly a thousand lines, to block all the effing trackers and other skeevy shit Meta/Facebook runs across the internet to track your every move.

Yeah, a twitter replacement with the deep internet tracking that Meta does, is a big no thank you in my eyes.

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The world is saved by... Meta?

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