Thanks Casey. Great analysis and links as always.

I would add another item for Web3 to fix. Instead of a tool that can be a legitimate tool for wealth generation for certain people, can Web3 be used for broader improvement? Where is the real world connection with Web3. Tim O’Reilly (https://www.oreilly.com/radar/why-its-too-early-to-get-excited-about-web3/) said is nicely:

"And above all, let’s focus on the interface between crypto and the real world that people live in, where, as Matthew Yglesias put it when talking about housing inequality, “a society becomes wealthy over time by accumulating a stock of long-lasting capital goods.” If, as Sal Delle Palme argues, Web3 heralds the birth of a new economic system, let’s make it one that increases true wealth—not just paper wealth for those lucky enough to get in early but actual life-changing goods and services that make life better for everyone."

Regarding anti-vaxxers and also by extension pseudosciences, in my last newsletter, I tried to analyze it through the frame of "enchantment" (using Snake Oil and Theranos as exmaples). I would love to get some feedback from you and other members of the Platomfer community: https://sadnewsletter.substack.com/p/from-snake-oil-to-theranos

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Jan 28, 2022Liked by Casey Newton

Hey where’s the humble like button? Substack’s “ostrich stance” on moderation is o key slightly less annoying than the growing list of technical pieces they can’t seem to do well: authentication, comment editing, that video player, zero reader technical support (literally)… The only thing they’ve been good at is being a ycombinator template play of growth without profit on what should be one of the best margin operations in town: sending email. Casey I love Platformer and happily pay, but your work deserves a better home.

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Thanks - Your writing is comprehensive, well organized and sparks thinking.

Non fungible Tokens are as vacuous and ridiculous as all the rest of our supposedly "great" financial systems. This system gave us the Depression, S&L Crisis, the various recessions, and now the epically grim descent of the USA & allies into hell. Our "leaders" have been remarkable for hollowing our that enity we fondly refer to as "our country."

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