Sitemap - 2021 - Platformer

22 predictions for the consumer internet in 2022

The year in platforms

What the press could learn from Discord

Deplatforming Trump didn't work

Instagram goes to Congress

How Snap is sidestepping the metaverse

Twitter gets played by the neo-Nazis

Congress trips over Section 230, again

Axie's token trouble

The surprising force behind Twitter's new anti-harassment policy

Jack steps back

Reasons you think Web3 might fail

Is the music industry's future on the blockchain?

Facebook plays catch-up on civil rights

How Twitter got research right

Three good ideas for fighting misinformation

How the internet got riskier for kids during COVID

The crypto backlash hits Discord

How plagiarism helps explain Facebook's youth problem

What Twitter learned from subscriptions

The dark horse in the metaverse wars

How Instagram and Twitter buried the hatchet

Why the NSO Group is a symptom of a larger problem

Microsoft's metaverse moment

What the metaverse pessimists are missing

Facebook goes Meta

How the American internet is turning European

The Facebook Papers' missing piece

🚨 The tier list: How Facebook decides which countries need protection

Why Facebook is rebranding

How NFTs are creating a generational divide between platforms

Facebook's hate speech blind spot

Amazon gets busted

Two policies Facebook got right

How Axie Infinity is turning gaming on its head

Why Facebook is spiraling

Apple's bad antitrust week

A catastrophe at Twitch

The Facebook whistleblower testifies

Facebook goes down

Congress reads the Facebook Files

Russia threatens YouTube (and Germany)

Why Facebook should release the Facebook Files

How Twitter could take NFTs mainstream

Why these Facebook research scandals are different

A rough year for internet freedom

Apple and Google bow to Russia

What I learned from a year on Substack

Apple's uncanny iPhone event

Facebook whistleblowers share their findings

Q&A with WhatsApp's Will Cathcart

Facebook makes some Ray-Bans

The day context came back to Twitter

What ProPublica's investigation into WhatsApp left out

Loot is a viral social network that looks like nothing you've ever seen

Why Twitch needs a panic switch

How platforms are changing our politics

Apple's two-front war

All the most popular posts on Facebook are plagiarized

OnlyFans changes its mind

Five questions about OnlyFans and the future of the adults-only internet

Facebook hides a report

How Glass is challenging Instagram by going back in time

What Twitter should copy from Tinder

The platforms' Taliban dilemma

The child safety debate intensifies

Apple joins the child safety fight

Facebook scrapes some researchers

YouTube defends its structure

How the conversation around vaccine hesitancy is changing for the better

Notes on a year using Roam Research

Twitter struggles in India

Instagram tackles its child safety problem

Google moves against misinformation

🚨 Mark in the metaverse

The surprising truth about political ads on social networks

Europe unveils new competition rules for tech

President Biden goes after Facebook

How the Oversight Board is changing Facebook

Why Twitter's fleets flopped

An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination, reviewed

Biden moves against tech mergers

A few more words about the Simo situation

Behind Fidji Simo's surprise departure at Facebook

Trump sues the platforms

Conservative social networks keep making the same mistake

Microsoft comes for the creators

The Big Tech antitrust bills get their hearing

What Tinder learned from Fortnite

TikTok's miniature ambitions

Amazon fakes an excuse

Is Facebook cornering the VR market?

Why Google's FLoC flopped

The platforms reveal secret subpoenas

Congress readies an assault on the platforms

The new threat to TikTok

Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom?

Facebook sets a trap for Trump

What Twitter Blue gets wrong

Trump deplatforms himself

How censorship became the new crisis for social networks

Facebook's lab-leak reversal

What Instagram really learned from hiding like counts

Amazon's new antitrust paradox

A global war on speech unfolds

Snap hits its stride

The platforms try a little transparency

Google's Docs dilemma

How states exploit social networks in wartime

The hire that roiled Apple

The child safety problem on platforms is worse than we knew

WhatsApp's woes get worse

AGs blast Instagram's kids app

Everyone yells at the Oversight Board

The Oversight Board punts on Trump

Twitter subscribes to Scroll

🚨 How Basecamp blew up

The Oversight Board proves its mettle

Basecamp offers buyouts

🚨 What really happened at Basecamp

India censors the platforms

How Figma went remote

Apple pulls a Patreon

Five takeaways about Facebook's pivot to audio

How to Sidechannel with Mark Zuckerberg

Here's your link to Sidechannel

Amazon gets the message

The Oversight Board expands its scope

The platforms get in a scrape

Announcing Sidechannel, a new community for Platformer subscribers

The case of the missing platform policies

Twitch calls in the cavalry

YouTube does a number on us

Clarence Thomas lobs a speech bomb

Amazon fights off its Twitter impersonators

Nick Clegg tries to reset the conversation

Competitors circle Clubhouse

Why Amazon picked a fight with Congress

Congress seeks a yes or no

🚨 The mess at Medium

Facebook's election report card arrives

How YouTube culture fueled the Dispo inferno

YouTube tackles TikTok

Facebook hits the brakes on groups

What Facebook sees in newsletters

Microsoft resumes hostilities against Google

Facebook's AI reckoning

Facebook moves to dismiss the FTC

Twitter sues Texas

How India could break WhatsApp encryption

Apple's antitrust problems keep getting bigger

How YouTube failed the 2020 election test

TikTok gets deepfaked

The tiny tokens challenging platform power

Twitter pulls a Patreon

How social networks should fight authoritarians

Facebook returns news to Australia

How social networks got competitive again

Robinhood perplexes Congress

Facebook calls Australia's bluff

Australia's bad bargain with platforms

Twitter seeks the wisdom of crowds

TikTok survives Trump

In defense of blocking on Clubhouse

Facebook ejects the anti-vaxxers

A top Trump critic leaves the Oversight Board

Will India ban Twitter?

Andy Jassy's platform problems

Clubhouse's moment arrives

Robinhood deplatforms a stock

Reddit roils Wall Street

Twitter comes for Substack

🚨 The battle inside Signal

Facebook kicks Trump to the Oversight Board

President Biden defends the truth

What the insurrection taught us about the internet

How the Capitol attack is reviving facial recognition tech

Inside the WhatsApp privacy freakout

What social networks can learn from public spaces

Three questions about tech after Trump

🚨 Twitter dumps Trump

The platform walls close in on Trump

It's time to deplatform Trump

The next phase of the misinformation fight

Google gets organized