Sitemap - 2022 - Platformer

What Figma plans to do inside Adobe

Can platforms outsmart Texas's social media law?

Twitch's risky switch

Facebook's big new experiment in governance

How Platformer is changing in year three

Scoop: Facebook shrinks its experimental product division

Is TikTok's time running out?

Mudge goes to Congress

Is Instagram reeling?

Mark Bergen on the story of YouTube

Elon keeps losing

How Cloudflare got Kiwi Farms wrong

How a Twitter plan to counter extremism fell apart

Twitter's other porn problem

🚨 How Twitter’s child porn problem ruined its plans for an OnlyFans competitor

Medium's next move

Why Reddit is still betting on the blockchain

A tricky Google CSAM case revives the surveillance debate

Mudge blows the whistle on Twitter

How a viral NFT project survived the crypto crash

The platforms get ready for midterms

TikTok works on its trust deficit

The platforms dodge a bullet in California

Inside Facebook's encryption conundrum

Elon is flailing

An abortion controversy hits Facebook

Why Meta's bots are back

Three wild stories from Facebook's counter-espionage team

Twitter gets its hands dirty

What it's like to make policy at TikTok

TikTok's China problem is back

🚨 Instagram walks back its changes

Meta gets hit from all sides

Facebook rethinks COVID misinformation

Kylie Jenner smacks the new Instagram

The big Facebook pivot arrives

Microsoft bets against NFTs

Why BeReal is breaking out

Elon plays for time

Meta measures its human rights impact

Why abortion is tech's next big reputational risk

Ev Williams gives up

The Elon-doesn't-want-it hypothesis

Elon bails on Twitter

Why social networks won't stop pushing NFTs

TikTok's data dilemma

Twitter sues India

When Elon met Twitter

Can Meta manage two pivots at once?

To build trust, platforms should try a little democracy

Google's real AI problem isn't sentience

How DALL-E could power a creative revolution

ByteDance's bumpy year

Three social media narratives we can probably retire

Elon's weasel era

Twitter tries shrinking to grow

Sheryl Sandberg calls it quits

Before Uvalde, a platform fails to answer kids' alarms

Substack's failed fundraise

Jack Dorsey, chaos agent

Why the company behind Pokémon Go is getting crypto-curious

Content moderation heads to the Supreme Court

Elon's bad week

Facebook admits its mistakes

The platforms witness a crime

Elon goes wobbly

Twitter's meltdown May

How Facebook undercut the Oversight Board

The crypto market is shrinking

Instagram adds NFTs

Twitter's "Why Bother?" era

How platform researchers convinced the Senate

Facebook rethinks the feed

The blockchains keep crashing

Inside Twitter's emotional Friday all-hands

Snap takes flight

Musk flips Twitter the bird

How Europe could thwart Elon Musk's free-speech plans for Twitter

Elon Musk buys Twitter

Obama rallies against disinformation

The research on social networks is finally getting organized

How platforms can fight back against spyware

How Twitter is losing the takeover battle

Elon Musk bids for Twitter

The privacy debate Apple isn't having

Is the metaverse taxing creators out of existence?

Elon Musk leaves the Twitter board

How many giant hacks can web3 afford?

Elon Musk joins the Twitter board

Elon Musk's Twitter play

The only popular crypto game is having a terrible year

The lesson Facebook won't learn

How the Digital Markets Act could do some good

Three ways the European Union might ruin WhatsApp

Europe reshapes Big Tech

How chronological feeds build trust

There's something off about ApeCoin

Telegram's dangerous game

The vibe shift in Silicon Valley

Are parties the future of NFTs?

Zuckerberg burns the boats

Facebook allows calls for violence in Ukraine

Everything platforms know about the war but won't tell us

Substack's new platform play

Why crypto is flopping in wartime

Russia deplatforms everyone

Twitter checks its facts

Attorneys general target TikTok

Russia's propaganda network gets deplatformed

The internet is a force multiplier for Ukraine

How trust problems are holding crypto back

The hard truth about Truth Social

YouTube's Neal Mohan on the next phase of the misinformation fight

Why you can't rebuild Wikipedia with crypto

Canadian truckers storm the platforms

The man who got fired by his DAO

Microsoft's new platform principles

TikTok's safety dance

Spotify hits a stalemate

Why gamers hate crypto, and music fans don't

The day Facebook started to shrink

The Senate's sneak attack on encryption

What Spotify should do next

Three things web3 should fix in 2022

Spotify and Substack tangle with anti-vaxxers

How creator funds fall short for creators

Europe's redesign of Big Tech continues

The day NFTs went mainstream

Google feels the heat

Microsoft's antitrust game

Spotify's misinformation mistake

Attack of the Wordle clones

Meta's real antitrust problems are only beginning

Signal gets a new CEO

How Signal is playing with fire

Why people are mad at the metaverse

The social network and the insurrection, one year later

The Bored Ape art heist and crypto's trust and safety problem