How one former Twitter employee could beat Elon Musk in court

In her first interview, former engineer Yao Yue discusses being fired over a tweet — and her success in getting the NLRB to file its first formal complaint against X

How one former Twitter employee could beat Elon Musk in court
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On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board issued its first complaint against Elon Musk’s X Corp. The board accused X of illegally firing Yao Yue, a widely respected principal engineer at the company, for pushing back on Musk’s return-to-office policy, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by Platformer

Specifically, it accused X of violating a federal law that prevents employers from retaliating against workers for discussing their working conditions and organizing with colleagues.

In her first interview about the case, Yue told Platformer that she hoped the case would draw attention to the mistreatment of workers at the former Twitter — and discourage Musk from impulsively firing other employees in the future.

“People often choose to accept illegal actions taken by people with more resources and better legal representation because they have no choice,” Yue told me. “When I did have a choice, I wanted to hold him accountable for myself and for people in similar situations.”