Inside Twitter’s product roadmap under Musk

A new Vine camera is in. Notes and Revue are out

Inside Twitter’s product roadmap under Musk
“blue bird on a road map, digital art,” / DALL-E

With massive layoffs expected to hit Twitter tomorrow, on Thursday employees once again endured an agonizing day-long silence from the company’s leadership. As they have ever since Musk completed his acquisition of the company a week ago today, employees worked to piece together what he and his team have planned.

Some of the product road map is, by this point, well known: Musk plans to begin charging for verification through Twitter Blue, likely at $8 a month; he is exploring a revival of the short-form video product Vine; he is considering allowing creators to put video posts behind a paywall, OnlyFans-style. The New York Times also reported today that the company is looking into letting users pay to send direct messages to high-profile users.

But information shared with Platformer reveals further changes planned for Twitter. Some are in the earliest exploratory stages, and the mercurial Musk could change his mind about any of them. But here are some of the possibilities under discussion.

The Blue team has been told to finish writing code for paid verification on Saturday, with plans to launch on Monday. The product formerly known as Super Follows, which lets creators put some of their tweets behind a paywall, is set to relaunch as “subscriptions” on November 11.

Twitter’s four-month old Notes product, which allowed long-form writing on the platform, has been put on an indefinite “pause.” And Revue, the newsletter platform that Twitter acquired in early 2021, is scheduled to be shut down by the end of the year.

A recently revealed plan to build a crypto wallet for Twitter appears to be on pause as well.

Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, plans to reboot Vine are coming into focus.