Mark Zuckerberg is coming to Sidechannel

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Hi all — as you may know, on Sunday I’m launching a new experiment in media with some of my most talented friends. Sidechannel is a shared Discord server where our paid subscribers can meet, hang out, and participate in a vibrant daily conversation about tech, culture, and society. I wrote a full post about what we’re up to last week.

We wanted to kick things off with a bang, so how about this: on Monday at 10AM PT, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will stop by Sidechannel for a conversation with me about this wild transitional moment in tech and media. I started a newsletter in 2017 as an end run around the dominance of Facebook’s News Feed. But now Facebook is increasingly interested in newsletters, live audio, and other technologies I’ve been exploring as I work to get Platformer off the ground.

What does that mean for me and other independent journalists and creators? Is Facebook’s pivot to audio a new pillar of the company, or just a flash in the pan? We’ll talk about these and other subjects in the first installment of Sidechannel Live, our series of conversations with CEOs and other newsmakers held exclusively for the benefit of our subscribers.

We have a lot more planned for Sidechannel: shared channels to post interesting jobs; a public channel where you can watch the hosts debate the news; and tons of niche spaces where you can meet people who share your interests. And we’ll also do Clubhouse-style chats where you can ask questions of us and other newsmakers.

If that sounds appealing, become a paid member today. Your welcome email will include a link to join us in Sidechannel, and help shape the future of independent media.

Hope to see you there!